Twitter Slams Khloe Kardashian After Posing in Front of Fidel Castro Sign During Family Trip to Cuba

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The Kardashians love Kontroversy.

Khloe Kardashian is currently on a family vacation in Cuba along with BFF Malika Haqq, sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and their children. While a family vacation seems innocent enough, Khloe couldn’t help but get herself into a little bit of trouble after she posted a controversial picture on Instagram.

Documenting her trip, Khloe’s been sharing pictures smoking Cuban cigars with her sisters and all of the sight-seeing she’s been doing, but it’s her picture in front of a sign that’s got her feeling the heat.

Havana 🇨🇺

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A picture’s just a picture, right? Well, not quite. It’s rubbing a lot of people the wrong way, that Khloe would stand in front of the sign that says “Fidel” as in Fidel Castro, the controversial former President of Cuba. Khloe followers immediately expressed their concerns, telling the reality TV star they wished she would educate herself on the Castro’s tumultuous history with the country and it’s citizens.

So far Khloe has yet to respond to the criticism nor has she deleted the picture, but she did express how blessed she feels to have been able to learn more about the country.