WATCH: Nick Jonas and Emily Ratajkowski Answer Each Others’ Most Obnoxious FAQ’s

We apologize on behalf of the media for these stupid inquiries.

Rather than blaze through another press line and give half-baked answers to ridiculous questions, Nick Jonas and Emily Ratajkowski swapped roles and responded to them on the other’s behalf in a video for GlamourWhile Ratajkowski gives her take on whether women “can have it all”, Jonas ends up describing the very science behind how boxer-briefs (maybe) came about.

“At some point in time someone was like, ‘Put ‘em together!'” says Jonas. “They keep everything in place.”

The pair opens up in the magazine’s June issue, Jonas describing the spray tan that he got before filming the “Close” music video and Ratajkowski about her take on feminism.

“I shave my armpits and wear makeup,” she says. “They might be things I like because they’re part of a patriarchal society, but I’m reclaiming them. Women should be the ones who are in control, even if they’re topless or being sexual.”

Read their interview in its entirety over on Glamour, and watch the video above.

Nick Jonas and Emily Ratajkowski 3
CREDIT: Carter Smith for Glamour