Here’s Where You Can Score Ashley Tisdale’s Cute Pilates Tank Tops

Ashley Tisdale Just Launched a T-Shirt Line
Ashley Tisdale is serious about fashion

Don’t you just wish that you could leave the gym looking like this?

Let’s face it. That tee shirt from high school that you’re wearing to yoga class probably should have found its way into the garbage by now, and what better way to revamp your athleisure wardrobe than with these tank tops from Ashley Tisdale’s collaborative line with Signorelli?

A thin and trim Ashley Tisdale takes a Pilates class

She was spotted wearing one that says “Rosè Soiree” on the front while leaving her Pilates class on Friday that you can get here, but check out the ShopStyle collection that we’ve compiled below that expresses your mid-workout thoughts (brunch, wine) without you having to say a word.