Taylor Swift Tops Billboard’s List of Highest-Paid Musicians of 2015

Billboard’s ranking of the highest-paid musicians of 2015 provides some interesting insight into how musicians make their bank: touring.

That is, unless you’re Adele

Taylor Swift, who was number 15 on the 2014 list, topped the 2015 list as the highest-earning musician of 2015, making $73.5 million in total revenue. Because of her celebrity cameo-filled 1989 World Tour, Swift made the most money of any artist for touring alone – $61.7 million.

Billboard also notes that Ryan Adams’ 1989 cover album contributed to her being named the top earner of publishing royalties, earning $4.1 million.

The number two spot might surprise you: Kenny Chesney. The hunky country singer’s The Big Revival tour earned him $38.1 million (for a $39.8 million total 2015 revenue). Props to him: he wasn’t even on the list in 2014 or the year prior.

The other artists on the Top 10 list can thank their respective tours for getting them the big bucks, with, however, the exception of the world’s treasured jewel, Adele.

Adele is the only artist on the list who did not tour, and made her money the “old-school way,” i.e. selling records. She sold 5.5 million copies of her hit album 25 ($16.3 million in sales), making her the top-selling act of 2015 and number nine on the list with $20.5 million in total revenue.

Check out the Top 10 Money-Makers in the gallery above.

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