Director Rob Reiner Slams Donald Trump and the Kardashians in New Interview

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Shots fired! The Hollywood legend shared his thoughts on the presidential election and a certain reality show family during a recent chat.

Rob Reiner, acclaimed actor, writer, director, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about his new film Being Charlie when the conversation took a surprising turn. The film industry veteran decided to bring up the Kardashian family while discussing the current state of the entertainment industry.

“We’re now living in the Kardashianization of America,” said Reiner. “Where you don’t have to have any ability to become famous and successful. Not just in Hollywood, but the press and politics too. It used to be that you had to be able to do something to get attention — either sing, dance, act, something. Kim Kardashian and these people, I’m sure they’re nice people, but they have absolutely no talent, no anything, and yet people love them and they just want to watch them and give them money.”

Largely, the filmmaker was lamenting how hard it is to get movies made in recent days, but his barbs directed at Kim and her family are difficult to ignore.

The When Harry Met Sally director was also asked who he supported in the upcoming presidential election, his answer was very candid:

“Do you have to ask? Of course, Hillary. It’s not even a contest. Donald Trump doesn’t have any real understanding of how government or policy works; he’s an entertainer and people like him because he’s bombastic and insults people. Essentially, he’s taking his reality show and extending it to a presidential run. That, to me, is disturbing. It’s really scary.”