Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch Bonding with a Pooch on the Set of ‘Sherlock’ 

Benedict Cumberbatch Flies High as Doctor Strange with Chiwetel Ejiofor
Benedict Cumberbatch is starting to look like a superhero...

Stop what you’re doing! This is important!

Benedict Cumberbatch was spotted preparing for a scene on his hit BBC show Sherlock with a very special co-star: an adorable bloodhound.

Cumberbatch was also joined by co-star Martin Freeman; the two friends talked and enjoyed themselves between takes while filming the fourth season in London, which is expected to arrive sometime in 2017.

But first, fans will be able to catch Cumberbatch in Dr. Strange, yet another addition to Marvel’s impressive stable of superheroes. Cumberbatch’s turn as the surgeon-turned-defender of humanity makes its way to theaters on Nov. 4, 2016.

In the meantime, enjoy these incredible photos of the thespian hanging with his furry pal!