WATCH: Justin Bieber Shoves Rapper Desiigner While Partying at a Nightclub

Another day, another scuffle Justin Bieber.

The “Sorry” singer got into a slight altercation on Thursday night (May 5, 2016) while partying at 1 OAK nightclub in New York City. According to TMZ, Bieber started shoving Desiigner, who was in the middle performing at the packed hotspot, after the 19-year-old rapper got too close for comfort.

Desiigner reportedly got “a little too hyped” during his performance and accidentally “stomped” on Bieber’s feet while jumping around onstage. In a video captured that night, Bieber then pushed Desiigner multiple times before a bodyguard jumped in to quell the situation.

According to insiders, Desiigner quickly apologized to Bieber — saying “My bad” — before resuming his set. The “Panda” emcee, who was recently signed onto Kanye West’s label, was escorted by security after the performance as he’s underage and was only scheduled to perform at the over 21 venue.

Note to self though: Never piss off Justin Bieber.