Justin Timberlake Confirms He’s Working on a New Album

Thank you for hearing our cries and delivering.

After pausing fatherhood duties for a moment to release a new song for the Trolls soundtrack, Justin Timberlake revealed in a visit to Carson Daly on 97.1 Amp Radio that he’s working on a new album with a completely different sound from The 20/20 Experience.

“I don’t know exactly when I’m going to put it out, but yeah, I’m definitely working on a new album,” Timberlake told Daly.

The singer has been posting candid shots from inside of the studio, working with big names such as Little Big Town and Pharrell. He goes on to explain in his interview that the roots of this album stem deep in his history.

“I think where I grew up in America has a lot of influence,” said Timberlake. “Growing up in Tennessee — very central of the country — Memphis is known as being the birthplace of rock and roll, but also the home of the blues, but Nashville’s right down the street so there’s a lot of country music.”

In addition to working on the album, taking care of his baby Silas has been one hell of a journey.

“It’s an extremely humbling experience, and I’ve never had more poop on [me]! I was talking with someone the other day and they were like, ‘Well, I have a dog!’  But imagine when you clean up your dog’s poop: you roll in there with the heavy duty Bounty paper towels, and you stand like you’ve got a 10-foot pole away from it.  I’m like, ‘Dude, when you have a kid, you just get in there, man!'”

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