Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Might Be Getting Their Own Baby Reality Show

Kendall Jenner Yells at Rob Kardashian
"Rob is dating someone that has kind of had a bad history with my family."

The Kardashians move fast.

Rob Kardashian and his fiancée Blac Chyna are in talks to star in their own reality show, according to TMZ. It is literally not even 24 hours since they announced that they’re expecting their first child together, and now their little bundle of joy may already have his/her own show in the works.

Sources tell the website that the couple “have been talking with the network that made the K family a household name,” which in case you didn’t already know is E!. They’re also told that the project is on “the fast track” and the two are not settling for less than a 7-figure pay out.

Chyna shared the news that she is pregnant on Instagram on Friday (May 6, 2016), and while no one in the Kardashian family — other than Tyga — has responded to the baby news, we’re pretty sure they’re all in the process of doing some extensive damage control. However, if the reality show is Mama Kris Jenner’s doing, then the woman moves quick.