Kris Jenner’s Daughters Wish Her a Happy Mother’s Day

Such karing words.Some of the Kardashian-Jenner girls took to their websites to wish mama Kris Jenner a Happy Mother’s Day!


Kim Kardashian West posted some sweet pics of her mom, her grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell, and daughter North, writing, “As a daughter, granddaughter, sister and a mother of two myself, I consider all the moms in my life to be the strongest women I know. It’s so important to remember the women who brought us into the world and everything they do for us. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!!!


Kendall Jenner decided to do a “little word play” with her Mother’s Day message:

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
Super Smart
I decided to do a little word play with my mom’s name for Mother’s Day! All these of these adjectives describe her so perfectly and I’m beyond grateful to have her as my mom. She’s so amazing to all of us and I seriously don’t know how she does it. Love you, Mom!


Finally, Khloé Kardashian not only paid tribute to her mom but sisters Kim and Kourtney and grandmother Mary Jo. Khloe writes,

“Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the wonderful mothers in my life: Kris Jenner, MJ, Kourtney and Kimberly!!!

Kris Jenner, I am so lucky that you’re my mom. You are such an inspiration. You’ve gone through so much—you’ve pushed six kids out!!!—and are still the most kind, caring, generous and intelligent woman I know. Love you!!!

MJ, you inspire me everyday with your elegance!

Kimberly and Kourtney, you guys are such incredible mothers and I feel so lucky to be an auntie to your kids. I hope you both have the best Mother’s Day!