Lucy Liu Opens Up About Motherhood and Family Diversity

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Lucy Liu Welcomes a Baby Boy: See His First Photo
Lucy Liu is a mom!The actress announced on Thursday (Aug

Motherhood looks amazing on Lucy Liu!

Lucy Liu and her son, Rockwell, are celebrating their first Mother’s Day together as a family. Liu talked to Celebuzz!about the importance of celebrating diverse families and motherhood through the Tylenol #HowWeFamily campaign.

Celebuzz!: This Sunday will be your first Mother’s Day as a new mom, congratulations! How are you feeling about that? Do you have any plans to celebrate?

Lucy Liu: I think that I’m going to simply and hang out with my son, have some family and friends over and just have a really fun day of not doing anything. I’ve been working, running lines and running around and trying to get things done and organized. On Mother’s Day I’m going to celebrate by doing nothing but acknowledge that I’m a mom.

CB: How has the first year of motherhood been treating you so far? 

LL: It’s been really fun! It’s only been 8 months so far, but it’s been great. I’m learning so much from him every day just watching him grow. When they’re babies it’s so significant, leaps and bounds every month and every day, it’s kind of amazing. And it’s fun, because like you could see a friend, and then see the same friend four months later and there’s not much change, maybe they got a haircut or something. With babies you really see how they progress and what they become, it’s really miraculous.

CB: What have you found most challenging?

LL: I think the most challenging thing is to really be able to understand that some things can’t be changed, like my workload. You need to understand getting the baby on a schedule. What I’ve learned has been asking other people to help me has been such an incredible gift. There’s no way I could’ve done it otherwise.

CB: Tell me a little bit about the Tylenol How We Family campaign. Why did you get involved?

LL: I partnered with them because I think they’re How We Family campaign is a really supportive and positive campaign about modern families, which is inclusive of everything. It’s not just traditional, it’s how gay parents or if you have a transgender child or if you’re a single mom doing it on your own, however you end up doing it, it’s not about any of that, it’s about how you love your child and your family. I think that’s a really important message especially now we have technology that allows people to have families if you cannot, or at whatever age, or whatever gender you and your partner may be.

CB: Why did you get involved?

LL: I think that’s a connection that a lot of brands don’t really highlight. I asked [Tylenol] how they got involved themselves, how they came up with the campaign. They said they received some letters from customers saying they did not see their families in the brand. [Tylenol] really took that to heart and started this campaign and asked people to share their stories. They created these videos to share to show customers there are people that resemble them. When I was younger I wanted to see more of my type of family on television and it just wasn’t out there. Now we have that. We have much more diversity, and so much availability to access that via the internet.

Lucy Liu and Rockwell
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CB: This campaign has a strong message about celebrating family diversity. What’s something that makes your family different?

LL: My family started much later in my life, not like in my twenties. I didn’t get married traditionally like most people, I’m doing it on my own. There’s so many things that my parents may not have envisioned for me necessarily but I was very focused on my career. I like the fact that I can still have a family even though I decided to wait to do it when I was a little more settled. I think that possibility and allowing that helps you to grow as a human being, and not to feel limited or pressured for a timeline. You don’t have to make sacrifices or choices about things when you’re not ready.

CB: Did you swap any fun mom stories while on set with the other moms?

LL: All I know is after the interviews we were all like before we all head out, we’re going to stuff our faces with pizza (laughs). And then go home and be moms. It was kind of like a slumber party outside of being home. I loved that they had so many different stories. The common denominator is love and how you love. I don’t think that people necessarily who do it the traditional way or the non-traditional way are any different than the people you see in the campaign. I think that’s an important value to have out there. It helps to inspire people out there who think “I can’t do it I don’t have a partner” or fill in the blank. You can do it if you want to, you can try. No matter what, being a parent, not being a parent, it’s all challenging, but the rewards are ten-fold.

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CB: How do you think people will react to the campaign?

LL: I think that people will have a really positive reaction to it because it is about inclusion. And, I think, feeling like you belong to something or you belong, there is a great sense of comfort and safety in that. No one ever wants to have lack for security and comfort.

CB: In addition to your work with Tylenol, your show, Elementary, got picked up for a fifth season and you’re preparing for the 4th season finale now. What do you like best about working on the show?

LL: I like How We Family on the show. I love the people that we work with. This is the longest project that I’ve ever had time-wise. And I love the feeling of developing a character on a long term basis and understanding and getting to know her as we go. Because it helps to continually be creative and you know you never know what’s going to happen. It’s very unpredictable, not like a movie where you know the beginning, middle and end already, it’s an open ended storyline.

Rockwell and I so appreciate all your warm wishes! 🍼❤️

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CB: What is next for Sherlock and your character, Dr. Watson?

LL: I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s a mystery and I think that’s also one of the exciting things about being part of the show. I think they take the time when we’re on hiatus to start thinking about how they want to continue on and so it’s a discovery for everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, Lucy Liu, and to all the great moms out there!

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