Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Reportedly Call It Quits

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Is it over for good this time?

Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon Osboure have apparently decided to split after 33 years of marriage.

E! News was the first to report the news, with a source telling the outlet that Ozzy is temporarily moving out of their home, but that the split has nothing to do with 67-year-old rocker’s sobriety. The source added Ozzy has been clean for almost four years.

An insider told People.com, however, that “they would not be surprised if they worked through their breakup.”

The couple’s marriage has hit a rough patch before. In 2013, there were divorce rumors swirling, but both Sharon and Ozzy quelled them. Sharon talked about how the rumors were “distorted” on The Talk and Ozzy wrote a Facebook post, saying he did indeed have a drug and alcohol relapse after being sober for years, that he had been in “a dark place,” but assured everyone he and Sharon were “not divorcing. I am just trying to be a better person.”

Ozzy and Sharon, 63, met in the early ‘70s and married in Maui, Hawaii, in July 1982. They have three children – Aimee, 32, Kelly, 31, and Jack, 30.