‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: So, What’s Up with Jon Snow Now?

Entertainment Weekly’s New Issue Is All About Jon Snow’s Fate on ‘Game of Thrones’
The second episode of season six premiered, but it’s the episode’s ending that’s going to have fans talking for weeks to come.

Now that his fate is out of the bag, let’s see what’s happening with the resurrected Jon Snow. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Sunday night’s Game of Thrones episode “Oathbreaker” begins right where we left off: Jon Snow rises up off the table – and he’s kind of freaked about being alive again. I mean, who wouldn’t be? He looks at the wounds on his body and remembers every stab. Melisandre comes in, with a look on her face that says, “Damn, I really brought him back to life.” She asks Jon if he saw anything on the other side, and he replies he didn’t see anything. No matter, to her, “The Lord let you come back for a reason. You’re the real prince.”

Davos is there as well. Jon says he thought he was doing the right thing, and he got murdered for it. Davos says he has to buck up, go out and fight again. “But I failed,” says Jon. “Good, now go on and fail again,” the wise Davos replies.

Jon then makes his first re-appearance in front of the Night’s Watch. Yeah, if they had any doubts about following him before, those are all gone now. Wildling leader Tormund Giantsbane tells Jon, “They think you are some kind of God.” “I’m no God.” Tormund laughs, “I know you’re not. I saw your pecker. What kind of God would have a pecker that small?” Yeah, what else can you do but laugh at this turn of events?

Of course, Alliser Thorne and the other conspirators must die for their crime. As they stand there, ready to be hanged, they still stand for what they did – even young Olly. Jon is saddened by his betrayal but die he must. After it’s done, Jon takes off his Night’s Watch black cloak and hands it to Eddison. “Put it on, burn it. I don’t care. You have Castle Black. My Watch has ended.” And Jon walks away.

Well, I guess not being a Night’s Watchman anymore is one less thing to worry about.

Here’s a few other important things that happened on Game of Thrones:


– Bran is having another vision from the past. This time, it’s his father, Ned Stark, and Howland Reed (Mira’s father), now older, standing on a cliffside near a tower. Ned, Reed and a few men are faced with two Targaryen guards. Ned tells them the Mad King Targaryen and his son, Prince Rhaegar, are dead, and Ned is looking for his sister, Lyanna, presumably stuck in the tower, but he must first fight. As he other men fall, Ned is almost bested but then Reed stabs the guard in the back. This is not exactly the story Bran was told as a young boy. Then you hear Lyanna scream from the tower. Bran makes a noise, and Ned turns to where Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven are standing unseen, like he hears them. Bran wants to follow his father as he rushes towards the Tower, but the Three-Eyed Raven pulls Bran back. Bran still needs to learn everything. These past visions are really going to play into this season.

– Dany is heading to the Dothraki city and placed in the temple to live with the other Dothraki widows. She might not be able to stay because she broke the rules by going out into the world after Khal Drogo died, so the other widows have to vote her in? If she’s not accepted, lord knows what will happen to her. Jorah and Daario better hurry up and rescue Dany but quick.

– Back in Mereen, Varys speaks with slave/prostitute named Vala. She helped the Sons of Harpy to murder the Unsullied. He is very diplomatic, but he threatens her son if she doesn’t help him. Varys will let her leave with her son for information or she can stay in Mereen and probably be killed. Meanwhile, Tyrion is waiting for the info, with the incredibly stoic and boring Grey Worm and Missandi. He wants a little bit of conversation or to even play a game, but they are far too serious for all that. Varys comes back in time and says there are three other cities funding the Sons of Harpy. So they are gonna have to fight.

– In King’s Landing, Cersei’s mad scientist Qyburn questions Varys’ little birds and send them out to listen for “whispers.” Cersei, Jamie and Frankenstein Mountain show up. Cersei wants little birds spread everywhere, everywhere they have enemies, and mostly with the High Sparrow. They are hoping the Mountain will be able to kill him in a challenge. Meanwhile, Lady Tyrell is in King’s Landing to help the small counsel deal with this religious cult. Cersei and Jamie come in and demand to be in the meeting, but that doesn’t work out. They no longer have power. Oh, that’ll change.


– Then there’s Arya. She’s back in Jaqen H’ghar’s house, with Waif whacking her with the sticks. Waif asks Arya about her family and the Hound. Arya maintains her faceless persona, telling Waif “this girl” believes everyone she ever knew is dead. Arya also talks about her list, and somehow she starts to gain the advantage over Waif. In a final attack, Ayra whacks the Waif and bests her. She has been trained. Jagen hands her a cup and tells her to drink from “dead” pool. She hesitates but obeys — and gets her eyesight back. “Who are you?,” she is asked. “No one,” she replies. Yay, we’ve got Arya back.

– Finally, we are back at Winterfell with psycho Ramsay Bolton. Some other Northern head honcho, Smalljon Umber, shows up, to see if Ramsay will join his forces to defeat Jon Snow and the Wildlings, who are most assuredly coming. Ramsay says he will if Umber pledges allegiance to him and makes him the leader of the North. Umber basically tells him to f’off, but says he will give him a “present” as a show of good faith. He brings in a captured Osha and her charge, teenager Rickon Stark (along with the head of Rickon’s dire wolf – not many of those left now). Yep, Rickon is back, and Ramsay seems sadistically pleased. “Welcome home, Rickon Stark.”

Oh crap. This isn’t going to be good. Can’t the Starks EVER get a break?