Idris Elba Hits the Red Carpet with Naiyana Garth 3 Months After Alleged Split

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Soon Idris Elba will be headlining a massive franchise opposite Matthew McConaughey from Stephen King

That was quick.

Three months ago people all around the world rejoiced when the Idris Elba and his long time girlfriend Naiyana Garth called it quits. Normally we’re not ones to rejoice in the demise of a relationship, but the idea of a single Elba was too good to pass up. Unfortunately, it looks like we may have celebrated too soon. Yesterday (May. 8, 2016) Elba and Garth hit the red carpet together at the 2016 BAFTA TV Awards in London.

Neither Elba nor Garth publically address the split rumors, so it is entirely possible that they never split to begin with. The couple looked happy as ever posing together on the red carpet, laughing with their arms around each other.

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