Makeup-Free Monday: Chrissy Teigen Is So Relatable in Her Makeup-Free Snapchat

Just when we thought we couldn’t relate to her anymore. 

Chrissy Teigen posted this makeup-free selfie on her Snapchat story, bringing particular attention to a red patch on her skin. The caption states “Goodbye pregnancy glow. Hi itchy red spots.”

Chrissy’s selfie reminds her fans that the ultra beautiful model is human too, and has her share of skin flaws.

chrissy teigen makeup-free
CREDIT: Chrissy Teigen/ Snapchat

In March 2015, Chrissy sat down with Allure magazine to share some of her beauty secrets. Surprisingly, the star says that she doesn’t always take her makeup off at night, the cardinal rule for most celebrities.

She also shared that her skin type can be high maintenance at points, which could be difficult to keep up with as a busy new mom.

“I have the driest skin possible, so I have this constant need to do my retinol reform. I feel like I’m glowing the day after I use it,” Chrissy told Allure.

Chrissy also shared that she’s not the only one in her household that uses cosmetic products. She said that John Legend sometimes swipes her skin cream, and that her dogs love Kiehl’s pet product line.

Chrissy, thank you for always keeping it real and being gorgeous inside and out!

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