Meet Jenna Kingma, Star of Bravo’s ‘Tour Group’

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Take a trip around the world with Jenna Kingma , one of the stars of Bravo’s newest show, Tour GroupCelebuzz! got an exclusive interview with the star about her relationship with her sister and what it’s like to the world. 

The new show premiered March 1st, when 11 strangers set off on a trip around the world, all for different reasons. Jenna went on this journey to reconnect with her twin sister, Misty Kingma.

“It helped dramatically that I had my twin sister there,” said Jenna, “The main point of us going on this show was to get closer because I live in New York she lives in L. A., and we aren’t very close, we’re twins and sometimes I feel like sometimes she’s not even my sister. So I focused on spending as much time with her.”

Jenna says that she and her twin used the time together to rebuild their relationship and bring it to a new level.

“We’ve never been closer now.”

The two may be on better terms, but that doesn’t mean that the season will go drama-free. With eleven people traveling together, there’s bound to be some tension.

“There are certain people on this trip that I wouldn’t choose to hang out with. I just tried not to put myself in the same room with them as much as possible. But everyone on the trip was outgoing and eager to be on this journey. Everyone’s same enthusiasm for the trip made it fun,” said Jenna.

Jenna said that she can’t reveal everywhere the group traveled, but she did say that her favorite spot to visit was Kenya, the second stop on their trip. There, the Arizona State University graduate and the three-time All-American track star got the experience of a lifetime, getting the chance to run with the Maasai tribe.

Kenya out of all the places we visited was my favorite. I really connected with it as a runner and I got to run with the Maasai tribe. Just the people, their big smiles, their sense of kindness I felt very at ease and at home there.

Since ending filming, Jenna has been focused on her career as a jewelry designer. After working in the fashion industry in New York City, she had decided to start her own line, Jenna Michelle Jewelry .

“I’ve always made jewelry on my free time but now I’ve made the decision that I want to follow it and pursue my dream and the supplies and materials that I bought I’ve used in my latest collection for my jewelry line,” said Jenna, “Each country we visited I took a little bit of inspiration from each one in my line.”

Overall, Jenna thinks that viewers should tune into Tour Group for drama and adventure.

As hard as it is, the trip changed my life. I think everyone should travel. You just reconnect with yourself, the act of exploring is so exciting and thrilling and it gave me a whole new direction with my life.

Watch Jenna Kingma and her twin sister Misty, and all the drama that unfolds on this season of Tour Group on Bravo at 10/9c. To see more of Jenna, check her out on Instagram @jennamichellejewelry or follow her on Twitter @JennaKingma.

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