Report: Imprisoned Man Says He’s Prince’s Long-Lost Son

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And out of the woodwork they come.

Just as the late Prince‘s family squabbles over his $300 million estate, a new twist emerges. According to TMZ, a man claiming to be the singer’s biological son has filed legal documents requesting a DNA test to be performed for paternity proof.

Carlin Q. Williams of Missouri, who is in federal prison for gun possession, claims in his legal filing that his mother, Marsha Henson, met Prince in Kansas City, Missouri in July 1976. TMZ reports, she “says in an affidavit she drank wine with the singer and checked into a room and had unprotected sex.”

Henson also stated in the documents she did not have sex with anyone six weeks prior to meeting the “Purple Rain” singer, and didn’t have sex with anyone during the pregnancy.

Let’s see how this turns out.