So Spoiled: Details on the Upcoming Episode of ‘The Blacklist,’ and More! 

Warning! Spoilers!

Why wait for the next episode of your favorite show to air when you can get the scoop right now?! Here’s some hints on what to expect on Hawaii Five-0, The Flash and The Blacklist in the coming weeks…

Fans of Jolex on Grey’s Anatomy, this one’s for you!

“It’s not good between them,” Ellen Pompeo said. “She’s pushing him away. There is a big Alex and Jo situation happening that’s going to explain a lot of why they haven’t gotten together yet.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Excited to see Katie Cassidy guest star on The Flash (on May 17th)?

“She’s a very powerful metahuman,” EP Aaron Helbing shared. “She is sassy, strong and capable…. Katie really nailed the performance.” EP Todd Helbing also added that “Like most of the Earth-Two metahumans, Black Siren is under the thumb of Zoom.” [TV Line]

Addicted to The Blacklist? Here’s some new info…

Red wants to collaborate with Scottie Hargrave to find the guy responsible for Liz’s death, but the Task Force is not on board. “We don’t want to do it,” said Mozhan Marnò. “There’s always some kind of division on our team. Everyone wants to do the same job in a different way.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Curious how this season of Hawaii Five-0 will end? Here’s a teaser for the two-hour finale.

Be prepared for “smaller cliffhangers, the same way we did last season,” said showrunner Peter M. Lenkov. “It’s not ‘one big jeopardy’ for our people, it’s more sort of storyline cliffhangers, like we did last year with Gabriel.” [TV Line]