WATCH: Kim and Khloé Kardashian Say Rob Kardashian Has ‘No Loyalty’ to Family

Though Kim and Khloé Kardashian are thrilled that their brother has finally come out of his shell, they’re not happy with the way he’s been behaving.

In a new preview for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the two sister discuss Rob Kardashian’s new relationship with Blac Chyna, who is the ex-girlfriend of Kylie Jenner’s current boyfriend. While the duo agree that it’s nice to see Rob happy again, they admit they do feel a little hurt that their little bro is only doing this because of “pussy” and not family.

“Don’t we kind of think it’s a miracle that Rob, who doesn’t even show up to Christmas for the past three years, literally he wouldn’t leave his room, but the fact that now he’s created a Snapchat, the fact that now he wants to be so public blows my mind,” Khloé muses to Kim. “If some pussy is getting him to remove his braces and shave his beard and work out…”

“My thing is, do what you want, do what makes you happy … whatever,” Kim interjects, adding, “He just has no loyalty.”

“He has no loyalty,” Khloé concurs. “Chyna is Tyga’s ex and Kylie’s dating Tyga now so it’s pretty complicated. But am I happy he’s out an about? For sure! Am I disappointed that Rob isn’t talking to me after he got out of my house? Yeah!”

“I’ve been the only one that stood by him and defended him,” she explains. “So that’s where it gets frustrating.”

Earlier this year, Rob moved out of Khloé’s mansion and into a $2.2 million home mom Kris Jenner had bought after the family had discovered that he was dating Chyna. Since then, Rob got engaged and announced that he is expecting his first child with Chyna only after months of dating.