Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively Bring Hollywood Glamour to Cannes Film Festival for ‘Cafe Society’ Premiere

Café Society’s big premiere happened tonight (May 11) as the Cannes Film Festival’s opening movie, and the red carpet pics are giving us serious FOMO.

Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively and Jesse Eisenberg make up the Woody Allen-directed flick’s love triangle, which takes place in both Hollywood and in New York City during the glitzy 1930s.

Certainly, with Cannes being one of the biggest fashion events of the season, a lot of modern-day glamour and beauty was present on the red carpet with a braless K-Stew sporting a statement-making sheer Chanel ensemble from their 2017 resort collection, and Lively showing off her tiny baby bump in a clinging gold Atelier Versace gown.

kristen stewart chanel cannes film festival 2016 cafe society red carpet
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blake lively baby bump cannes film festival 2016 cafe society red carpet

Opening the Cannes Film Festival for the third time, and the reviews for Allen’s newest movie are coming in seemingly positively, steps above mediocre or lukewarm, and very praiseworthy towards Stewart, Eisenberg, and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro.

The Guardian notes, “Woody Allen’s Café Society is a sweet, sad, insubstantial jeu d’ésprit, watchable, charming and beautifully shot by Vittorio Storaro – yet always freighted with a pedantic nostalgia for the 1930s golden age in both Hollywood and New York, nostalgia which the title itself rather coercively announces. The movie boasts charming and intelligent lead performances from Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg,” going on to call it a “career-highlight” for Eisenberg.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter gives it the bottom line: “Familiar but charming.” One highlight from the review:

Layered with a rich soundtrack of romantic tunes from the period, this is a familiar tale of love yearned for, gained, lost and savored after the fact. In other words, it’s a format Allen has relied upon many times before, but even past the age of 80, the still-fertile writer director, amazingly sticking to his one film-per-year rhythm (not to mention his upcoming TV series, also with Amazon), has created a small fiction of amiable appeal and vibrancy which goes down as easily as a fizzy cocktail.

Variety calls the story an “overly familiar Hollywood love triangle”:

Will it be one of his good ones — that is, one of those Allen fables that really sings?…Yet the film, watchable as it is, never quite overcomes the sense that it’s a lavish diagram working hard to come off as a real movie. With intermittent romantic sparks struck between Eisenberg and his co-star, a poised and glowing Kristen Stewart, Café Society is likely to draw a larger swath of the Allen audience than his last two, Magic in the Moonlight and Irrational Man. But there may be a limit to its success, since it’s one of those Allen films that keeps talking about passion instead of actually making the audience feel it.”

And lastly, IndieWire comments, “Narrated by Woody Allen himself, $30-million Cafe Society is his most lavishly mounted and first digital movie, lovingly photographed by famed Italian three-time Oscar-winner Vittorio Storaro…”

cafe society cast red carpet premiere cannes film festival 2016
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With Café Society being the Festival’s opening film, a multitude of other celebrities were on hand at the premiere and opening gal, such as Bella Hadid, Naomi Watts, Jury member Kirsten Dunst, Julianne MooreJustin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, and Susan Sarandon.

Check out the gallery above to see all of the A-listers on the Café Society premiere red carpet.