Madonna Set to Perform Prince Tribute as More Details Surrounding His Death Surface

Doctor Who Treated Prince Before His Death Has Reportedly Been Identified
Reports say a local physician, who treated Prince weeks before he died and who was at the singer's home the morning of his death, has been identified

A tribute by a legend, for a legend.

Billboard and Dick Clark productions revealed to Associated Press today (May. 11, 2016), that Madonna is set to perform a Prince Tribute at the 2016 Billboard Awards on May 22nd, 2016. For now, no specific details surrounding the tribute have been made public.

Alongside the news of Madonna’s tribute, new details surrounding Prince’s death have been made public. TMZ reports that the singer received all of his Percocet prescription from the same doctor using his real name every time. It was previously believed the singer might have “shopped” for doctors, as to find multiple resources for his prescriptions, but so far there has been no evidence to support that theory.

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