Doctor Who Treated Prince Before His Death Has Reportedly Been Identified

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Reports say a local physician, who treated Prince weeks before he died and who was at the singer’s home the morning of his death, has been identified.

According to the New York Times, a police affidavit – filed in connection with the warrant obtained by the DEA to search Prince’s Paisley Park estate – said Dr. Michael T. Schulenberg had arrived to Prince’s home on April 21 with test results, just moments after Prince was found collapsed in an elevator and pronounced dead.

Dr. Schulenberg reportedly saw Prince a few times before his death, especially around the time the musician canceled his shows in Atlanta. Although reports at the time said Prince was battling the flu, the papers did not disclose what specific illness Prince may have suffered from, but it did say Schulenberg performed tests on the music icon and prescribed him medication.

The search warrant also requested medical records from the North Memorial Medical Center where Schulenberg was formerly employed.

An official cause of Prince’s death has yet to be revealed, pending the release of the results from the autopsy.