How Much Did Blac Chyna’s Discounted Birthday Cake Cost?

Place your bets here.

Expecting parents Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian went all out for Chyna’s 28th birthday not once, but twice — first in L.A. to celebrate the launch of her ChyMoji app and then in Miami at a strip club. During her second celebration, Chyna was presented with a four-tier pink cake that was strapped with a giant gold bow, and hosted a box of her signature eyelashes on top.


TMZ reports that the cake was commissioned from Dollface Delights Cakery in Miami, owned by sisters Raquel and Christina Basil, and was concocted in 16 hours. Business has doubled for the bakery since Chyna’s party, which is positive for the Basil sisters given that they gave Blob a discount. They tell TMZ that the cake usually costs between $1,100–$1,300, but they charged them significantly less since only the bottom tier and the big bow were actually edible.

How much of a discount, you ask? The final bill was only $500, so figure at a median bill of $1,200, this was a 58% price cut. More singles to dole out at the strip club?

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