WATCH: Michael Strahan Offers to Fill in for Kelly Ripa in the Future During His Last Day at ‘Live!’

But, you know—not “too soon.”

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan co-hosted their final episode of Live! With Kelly and Michael together before Strahan departs for his new gig on Good Morning America—a sudden move that caused morning show drama when Ripa was allegedly blindsided by his decision to leave.

The pair walked out hand-in-hand, like civil adults. “We did it. We made it out here at last,” said Strahan. He and Ripa sat in their respective chairs where Ripa mentioned the “discounted merchandise” at the kiosk.

“I’m not dying. I’m still in the family,” Strahan assuaged the audience. “And I’m still available to come back if I’m ever called to co-host. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not gone. So, there we go.” Ripa offered for him to sit in for her in a few weeks when she goes on vacation.

“I don’t know about that,” Strahan replied.

Ripa rolled a reel of Strahan’s greatest hits on the show as a part of his flashback Friday farewell featuring notable moments from their “host chat” together. Then, Nice Guys actor Matt Bomer came by for a visit and wished the former NFL player fair tidings. “It’s been a pleasure doing this show for four years,” he told Strahan. “Whether you’re here looking all dapper or on a gold lame thong on Magic Mike. You always conduct yourself with great intelligence and generosity and I wish you the best.”

Bomer offered Ripa his best wishes as well. “My girl is the best in the business. And I’m so excited to see how the show goes,” he said.

A final montage rolled in the episode’s final ten minutes that highlighted Strahan’s favorite moments on the show, including the time he wore a Kinky Boots costume and a separate instance when he met his own wax figure. And much like the last day of summer camp, Ripa offered him a photo book filled memories with their accomplishments.

“You have given us so much joy in the mornings from your smile to your sense of humor to your horrible French accent,” said Ripa. “We really are so, so proud of you. We’ve achieved so much together. And I look forward to watching you every morning and seeing what else you achieved over at Good Morning America.”

Before signing off, Strahan offered a thoughtful monologue with his viewers.

“I just want to say … it’s very bittersweet for me. I want to say thank you to everybody. I mean, it’s amazing. You come here and you guys have let me into your homes the last four years every day and I didn’t know what to expect coming from sports to daytime television. And you guys opened up your hearts to me and you opened up your homes to me and it’s been so overwhelming with the response that we’ve had over the last four years that you guys have loved this show.

“And it means the world that you give us an hour of your day and what you don’t realize, we get more from that hour than we really do. We sit in front of a live audience who I always say during our commercial breaks, they are the third co-host of the show. The energy that they bring really makes this show work. And it is not about myself. It’s not about you. It’s about everybody here. We have incredible staff here.”

“We love you. We appreciate you. I love you.” Strahan said to the audience, and then, Ripa planted two kisses on him for the last time as the credits rolled.