Macklemore Went to the White House to Meet with President Obama

Just two dudes hanging out, making changes and what not.

Macklemore made a trip to the White House to visit with President Obama on Thursday (May 12) to discuss opioid addiction for a segment in the one-hour documentary that he’s producing for MTV, which will air during the summer of 2016. Billboard reports that the singer spoke with the POTUS about his own tumultuous past with drugs that continued from his 20s into a relapse in 2014, and how about how addiction can be de-stigmatized in society.

The singer posted a photo of himself and the president on his Twitter account.

Macklemore’s documentary will continue to film over the upcoming months as he meets with more young people who have also struggled with addiction.

“Really excited for this project,” wrote the “Thrift Shop” singer in a Facebook post. “More to come soon”