Here’s What Made Chris Evans and Jenny Slate Fall for Each Other

Chris Evans: I’m More of an Ass Man
It appears Captain America has a thing for cabooses.

Sparks are flying!

New details about Chris Evans and Jenny Slate’s relationship just surfaced days after it was revealed that the two co-star are dating. According to People, the new couple, who met while filming Gifted last year, instantly clicked on the set of their Marc Webb drama.

“It was obvious they had chemistry and were really into each other,” a source told the publication.

Slate and Evans, both 34, reportedly bonded during their walks between takes, where they were seen “laughing and even singing show tunes to one another.”

“They were always talking and laughing on the set,” the insider said. “You could tell they were great friends and just had a lot of fun together. They would hang out with the crew during takes and just be joking around.”

“It was cute,” the source added. “When she was on set filming they were always together. They would go eat at craft services together, take walks together.”

News of their relationship came just weeks after it was announced that Slate had split with her husband, director Dean Fleischer-Camp, after nearly four years of marriage.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I met Chris, I was a little scared because I kind of felt like, ‘Well, I don’t know him. He’s a giant man with huge muscles and he’s Captain America. How could we ever connect?’” Slate said last month on Anna FarisUnqualified podcast. “[But the] first night that we hung out I was like, ‘Wow, I could hang out with Chris for like 90 hours.'”