Florence Welch on Getting Sober: ‘I’d Been Really Self-Destructive for a While’ 

Florence Welch Shakes Up Glastonbury Music Festival In Her Bra
Florence Welch electrified Glastonbury Music Festival with her sultry voice, a microphone, and the spirit of a frat boy.

The songstress chats about self-discovery, fashion and her new partnership with Gucci.

Florence Welch, the singer of the band Florence + the Machine, is the new face of Gucci’s jewelry and watch lines. She recently sat down with Harper’s Bazaar to talk about Gucci’s aesthetic and her own journey as an artist.

“I’d been really self-destructive for a while, and I really didn’t want to keep breaking things—whether it was relationships or physical stuff,” Welch said of giving up alcohol. “Not drinking was such a healing process that I thought, ‘Let’s just keep going with this.’ And what I’ve learned is that I’m naturally a sensitive, open person who’s just super-high on life without any drink or drugs.”

The performer also explained the drastic phases her fashion sense has embodied, from her colorful, elaborate stage costumes, to choosing to wear the same thing every day to avoid distractions after breaking up with event-organizer James Nesbitt.

“There’d been so much going on that felt very raw and real that it was important for me to strip everything down to a basic level.”

She described her affinity for Gucci’s dark yet beautiful style, as well as her bond with the brand’s creative director Alessandro Michele.

“Like me, he’s interested in making things beautiful but with this unsettling element; feminine but with an edge to it.”