Mariah Carey Loses a Shoe While Walking NBC Upfronts Red Carpet

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When Mariah Carey goes highbrow shopping in Paris...

So this is why Mariah Carey needs help walking.

Singer Mariah Carey was spotted walking down on the Upfront NBC Universal red carpet at The Rockefeller Center New York City this morning (May 16, 2016).

While she was doing her thing on the red carpet her heel slipped off her foot causing her to trip.

Carey, who has a lot of experience walking in heels recovered from the situation as if nothing had happened. She slipped her heel back on and continued on her way.

This weekend the singer received the GLAAD Ally Award, of which she said:

“Some awards are about statistics and things like that, and some are about like something a little more real. Do you know what I mean? This feels like one of those moments, so I think it’s great.”

Launch the gallery above to see more photos of Mariah Carey on the red carpet on the Upfront NBC Universal red carpet.