The Royal Family Unites to Combat Mental Illness with New Campaign 

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Attendees at the competition's closing ceremony were given a royal sendoff.

Prince Harry, Prince William and Princess Kate are coming together to discuss an important issue.

Today, (May 16, 2016) the royal trio held an event at Queen Elizabeth Park in East London to announce a new initiative designed to address mental health issues; it’s called The Heads Together Campaign.

“We have seen that unresolved mental health problems lie at the heart of some of our greatest social challenges,” Prince William said, via ABC News. “Let’s all get together and change the conversation from one of silence and shame to one of optimism and support.”

The campaign, comprised of eight separate charities, is the royals’ most ambitious social undertaking this year. Ultimately they strive to remove the social stigmas associated with mental illness that often prevent individuals from seeking support and treatment.

“People feel afraid to admit they are struggling with their mental health,” the Duchess of Cambridge said. “This fear of judgment stops people from getting the help they need which can destroy families and end lives.”

Although the event was heralding an initiative dealing with a serious social problem, the atmosphere was positive, and even celebratory at times. Prince Harry joined the event’s DJ at his table and the Duchess put on some boxing gloves to throw some punches at the Mind Charity booth, a foundation that promotes exercise as a way to alleviate mental illness.

“Heads Together wants to get people talking.” William said. “The more we talk about mental health, the more normal the topic becomes, and the more we feel able to open up and seek support. By asking for help, by telling a friend we have a problem, by asking someone else how they feel – by having a conversation – we take the first step to feeling better about ourselves and the first step to being able to cope better with the ups and downs of life. This is relevant to everyone.”