James Gandolfini’s Rolex Was Allegedly Stolen Off Him as He Lay Dying and More Celebrity News

David Chase's Heartbreaking Eulogy to James Gandolfini
The New York City funeral for James Gandolfini was not open to the public...

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James Gandolfini’s Rolex watch was allegedly stolen off his wrist by a paramedic as he lay dying in a hotel in Rome, Italy, in June 2013. The Sopranos star suffered a sudden heart attack while he was on vacation with his family; after being taken to a local hospital, the Emmy-winning actor died at age 51. [Us Weekly]

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Connie Britton breaks hearts talking about the end of Nashville. [Huffington Post]

Is Tom Cruise abandoning his family to become a Scientology ambassador. [The Hollywood Gossip]

Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry hangs with shirtless dudes in Speedos. [Socialite Life]

People who impersonated celebrities to commit crimes. [Ranker]

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