Chloë Sevigny Opens Up About ‘Creepy Situations’ with Directors in Auditions 

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The acclaimed actress talked about some truly uncomfortable situations…

Chloë Sevigny revealed during Variety’s Cannes Film Festival panel that numerous powerful directors have crossed the line with her in the past during auditions.

“I did audition for some bigger directors who were more mainstream and they were creepy situations,” she said, via The Guardian. “One asked me, ‘What are you doing after the audition?’ which is just inappropriate, obviously knowing what he wanted. Another one wanted to bring me shopping and have me try on clothes.”

Sevigny also mentioned a cringe-worthy experience where she decided to dress as the character for an audition. The role called for her to show some skin and when the director saw her outfit, he thought it appropriate to comment on her body.

“I went in and I was dressed a little provocatively because I was dressing the part,” she said. “He’s like, ‘Oh you should show your body off more before you get too old … you should show it off now, you never show your body.’ I’m like, ‘Actually I’ve been nude in almost every movie I’ve done so I don’t know what you’re watching!’”

The actress is attending the historic film festival to promote her directorial debut, a short film titled Kitty. As a new director, Sevigny commented on how men’s erratic behavior, especially acclaimed directors, is treated compared to women. She points out that successful men on set are allowed to be outlandish, while women immediately garner demeaning labels.

“I think that male directors are often seen as mad geniuses,” she said. “The behavior that they’re allowed to get away with is celebrated and it makes people think they are just even more talented because they exude these behaviors that are eccentric. Whereas when females do it, they get labeled as crazy and they don’t work again. Why can’t the woman be the mad genius as well? There’s just not room for that right now unfortunately. Women get judged in such an unfair way.”

Also, the 41-year-old thespian has a message for young actresses trying to impress powerful men in Hollywood: “On fashion shoots or in movie auditions or on set or whatever it is, men often make advances … all types of inappropriate things, and you just have to know how to protect yourself.”