Colin Farrell’s Six-Year-Old Son Says He Wouldn’t Vote for Donald Trump 

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Even the movie star’s youngest son has started paying attention this campaign season!

Colin Farrell visited his friend Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show to promote his new film The Lobster, but he also shared a cute story about his six-year-old son Henry. 

Just Jared reports:

The 39-year-old actor spoke about his son and Donald Trump while on the show.

“I came in the other day and CNN was on and he said, Daddy? I said, yeah. He said. Can I ask you something? I go oh no, here we go. I said yeah and he said that man Donald Trump’s not gonna be President, right?,” Colin said. “Six years old. I said, I don’t know little man. I think the race is gonna be a lot tighter than people anticipated when it set out. And he went, If I was a vote I’d vote for that lady person.”

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