Here’s What Gigi Hadid Actually Eats

Who knew models could have carbs, right?

Though many would like to believe that professional pretty people like Gigi Hadid only eats clean to stay in shape, the model says that’s quite the contrary when it comes to her diet. In fact, the 21-year-old likes to chow down on a bowl of sugary cereal once in a while!

“In the fridge, I always have Evian, soda, orange juice, and lemonade,” she tells Self about what she has in her kitchen at all times. “Then, I have my favorite snacks like salami, chips, hummus, carrots, and fruit.”

According to Zayn Malik’s girlfriend, she also loves a good bread basket and nostalgic sweet treats like Lucky Charms and Froot Loops. When she’s at home, she likes to stock up on the basics.

“If I don’t have milk and bread and eggs; then, I can’t deal,” she says.

“Cooking and art is what grounds me,” Hadid continues. “It’s stripping it all back down to the simple things that makes me happy.”

“I love challenging myself,” she adds about making new dishes. “I honestly try to make different things all the time.”

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