This Is What Selena Gomez Eats When She’s Touring

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Her requests are actually anything but shocking.

Selena Gomez can’t keep her hands to herself when it comes to her favorite snacks.

The singer, who is currently embarking on her Revival Tour, recently revealed to Bon Appétit exactly what she eats when she’s on the road. As someone who enjoys going to Hooters and likes to dine at Chili’s with BFF Taylor Swift, the 23-year-old prefers to have the basics — maybe with a slight twist — on her tour rider.

“I keep things pretty simple [backstage],” she said. “Plenty of water and pickles.”

Gomez also listed coffee and Thai food as some of her favorites. As for food on her tour bus, Gomez admitted to keeping her pantry stocked with junk food for the occasional indulgence.

“Hot Cheetos and chocolate are staples,” she noted, adding, “A girl’s gotta have her chocolate.”

“I love a good plate of fried chicken,” she added, explaining that she’s looking forward to making a few pit stops in her home state of Texas for some hearty grub.

Something tells us she’ll love Nando’s as much as Beyoncé.

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