Selena Gomez Gets Sultry in Calgary

Katy Perry Is Not Worried About Those Orlando Bloom-Selena Gomez Rumors
Katy Perry is really not worried about her relationship.

Strike a pose.

Actress and singer Selena Gomez took to the stage last night (May. 17, 2016) in Calgary, Canada as part of her Revival tour.

While fans are flocking to the shows during her tour, her alleged hook up with Orlando Bloom is what still has people talking.

Katy Perry and Bloom have been beset by rumors that Bloom was snuggling too much with Gomez at a Las Vegas nightclub on May 6, 2016.

But while floating around on a yacht on the French Riviera this week, Perry, 31, and Bloom, 39, looked happy, relaxed, carefree and flirty.

A source addressed the Bloom cheating rumors with Entertainment Tonight. The source insisted that Bloom and Gomez, 23, are “just friends.”

If they were spotted together, looking especially affectionate in a booth at the Las Vegas nightclub, they were just “talking closely.”

Check out more photos of Selena Gomez from her show in Calgary in the gallery above.