WATCH: Chrissy Teigen Is Skeptical of John Legend’s Lullabies for Luna

Maybe get in that rehearsal time first.

New mom Chrissy Teigen has her reservations about the lullabies that her husband John Legend has been singing for their four-week old daughter Luna, or so she tells People Now.

“He doesn’t really know how to sing to babies,” says Teigen. “[The] bath time song wasn’t so good, I will say, last night. It was like, ‘You’re taking a bath time.’ Like, there was just no thought into it.”

She will assert that Legend makes up for the songs with his other fatherly duties. “He dances with her and he’s a good, calming source. He loves the diaper change though because we had never changed diapers before so now it’s new and fun for us,” Teigen describes.

On her end, the model fears an instance of accidental clumsiness when trying to take a photo of Luna, explaining, “It’s always scary wanting to get those photos, and [thinking] your phone is going to drop right next to the baby.”

Teigen tells Entertainment Tonight that breastfeeding has taken some initial getting used to, tallying up a rough total of 10 hours that the task consumes of her day. “[Babies] just use you for your milk and you just feel like you are just a cow all day,” she said. “It’s hard to work your entire day around getting her all the nourishment she needs because they are just little animals.”

Launch the gallery at the top of the page to view photos of Teigen and Legend taking a stroll in New York while Legend has baby Luna strapped to his chest.