Julia Roberts Is Close to George Clooney, But Not Close Enough to Trust Him with Her Children

There’s a limit to her love.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney had their meet-cute 15 years ago just prior to filming Ocean’s Eleven, which seems like a significant amount of time to still remain friends, by Hollywood standards anyway. Clooney tells People that many assume that they had met much earlier due to their on-screen chemistry, but Roberts recalls her intimidating initiation process into the Clooney circle when he and director Steven Soderbergh invited her to a meeting to see if they “liked” her.

Clooney claims that it was, instead, to see if the film was of interest to her.

“The funniest thing was it was one of those moments where we all sat around and we didn’t talk about the movie,” continues the silver fox. “We sat on the floor in the kitchen in the hotel room and we didn’t do anything except just talk for two hours.”

Though he discusses her visiting his house in Lake Como while she was first pregnant and the time that she brought all of her “monsters” back when they were older, Roberts replied with the following when asked if she would let him babysit.

“It would depend on how much time I was gone,” says Roberts. “We’ve just stitched our lives together. All these people that come into our lives — my husband, my children, his wife — we just keep stitching our lives closer together.”