Justin Bieber Feeds Lion Cub in Cute New Video

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It’s the Biebz and a lion cub! Done!

Justin Bieber was filmed feeding a baby white lion cub from a bottle prior to his concert in Toronto, Canada last night and let’s just say this video is pretty adorable.

In the clip, posted by the cub’s owner Alex Haditaghi, Alex the Lion claws and struggles to make sure he gets at his bottle as the “Sorry” singer holds on for dear life.

“Is this how he feeds?” Bieber asks, clearly surprised by the cub’s feistiness.

“Justin really cares about the conservation of these beautiful animals!” Haditaghi included in the clip’s caption. “He is truly a class act and awesome guy!”

The pop star has been reprimanded by PETA in the past for taking photos with exotic animals, like when he (as well as Haditaghi) attended an event earlier this month and posed with a Bengal tiger.

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PETA issued a lengthy statement that said: “Exotic animals used for entertainment are usually torn away from their mothers at a young age, beaten into submission by trainers, and forced to live in cramped enclosures. They may even be fed sedatives so that they’re docile during events and parties like the one Justin attended.”

At the time, the animal rights organization called on the pop singer to stop posing with these animals as “selfie props or party entertainment.”

The Biebz doesn’t appear to have heeded their words!