Louis C.K. Is Like Really Good at ‘Jeopardy,’ Won $50K for Charity

Can we get a hells yes in support of the comedian?

Louis C.K. totally killed it on Jeopardy! Power Players on Wednesday, winning $50,000.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

C.K. managed to steal the thunder from CNN anchor Kate Bolduan and Washington Post journalist Jonathan Capehart, whom he was pitted up against in the show’s Power Player Week. The outlook looked grim for C.K. from the beginning of the game, when a wrong answer gave him a negative score. But he managed an impressive comeback, no doubt making his optometrist proud by correctly answering a question about eye dilation and thus taking Bolduan’s No. 1 spot.

In the end, C.K. won $50,000 for the Fistula Foundation. The funds will help women suffering from obstetric fistula, an abnormal hole that can form between the vagina and rectum after a woman gives birth, making her incontinent.

“Fistula patients, they’re modern day lepers,” Kate Grant, CEO of the Fistula Foundation, explained to USA Today. “Too often in places, women don’t get Depend pads or even hot showers or multiple changes of clothes, and end up way too often they become outcasts in rural areas.”

Amazing work, C.K. See some of the questions below: