Let Ariana Grande and Our Favorite Celebuzz’d Podcast Episodes Rehydrate Your Weekend

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Listen dangerously, sip responsibly.

Do you earbuds feel a little bit dry? If so, you should treat them to an early happy hour with a blended concoction of our foremost Celebuzz’d podcasts thus far — which feature discussions about pop culture and the Kardashian’s love for Velveeta cheese — after you listen through Ariana Grande‘s brand new album, Dangerous Woman right here.

Grande’s return to the charts feels like a shot of cotton candy vodka set ablaze; a more mature persona with a leather bunny mask, highlighting tracks featuring Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, but is it enough to rehydrate the thirsty state of pop music?

If not Grande, Beyoncé surely has, but be wary of making a “Formation” YouTube cover without first understanding the racial context that comes with it. Same goes for Rihanna‘s “Work”, both of which we discussed with former VIBE editor, Iyana Robertson.

But if you’re looking to hear from a music legend of a different variety, listen to Mia Lardiere‘s interview with Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth in which she devises the best Sonic burger that has yet to be invented. (We’re still waiting for our meeting, Sonic.)

On a completely different side of the planet, our first celebrity guest spot was romance novel cover legend Fabio, who fangirled over beavers for a bit. Heads up: his voice is smoother than (not) butter.

Finally, we once rounded up our staff’s favorite celebrity conspiracy theories about Rob Kardashian, Lauren Conrad, and more. Launch the gallery at the top of the page to scroll through them all, or save your fingers and just listen to us discuss them right here.


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