Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Her Third Child?

“Panic attack.”

Kim Kardashian has made it pretty clear she does not want to have another baby. But despite her wishes, and her complicated previous pregnancies, Kanye West is insistent on growing his empire. Last night (May. 19, 2016), it seemed as though West may have finally gotten his wish, and fulfilled Kardashian’s worst nightmare, after the mom of two had a pregnancy scare in the middle of a flight.

After spending a fun filled day at Disney Land with daughter North West, Kardashian posted a picture of three different pregnancy tests on SnapChat with the caption “Panic attack.”

CREDIT: SnapChat

Kardashian then posted a video explaining that she was taking a pregnancy test in the middle of her flight because she was having “a little bit of a scare. Luckily for Kardashian her scare was just that, a scare, because her Clear Blue pregnancy test let her know that she is not going to have a third child, at least not in nine months.

CREDIT: SnapChat