Meet Tyga’s Rebuttal to Kylie Jenner’s PartyNextDoor

Sources Confirm Kylie Jenner Is Dating PartyNextDoor
Kylie Jenner has already found her rebound

She’s a British lingerie model.

Now that Kylie Jenner had her chance to be seen with a rebound dude, namely PartyNextDoor, it’s Tygas turn to show that his heart has also mended overnight by going out in public with an aesthetically-pleasing person.

Please welcome Demi Rose Mawby, a 21-year-old model who was spotted with Tyga at Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, May 19 as he made his way to a gig at Gotha Club Cannes.


She is physically similar to Jenner,


Is also a penchant of Puma,


Has the product placement thing on lock,


And might just have an altar ego when the cameras are off.


Tyga and Mawby visited Nikki Beach, which the model documented on Snapchat. Click here to see more of her Instagram photos and go here to get the full report on Jenner and PND.

CREDIT: Snapchat/Demi Rose Mawry