Michelle Rodriguez: Being a Woman Is Like ‘Being Born a Slave’

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Michelle Rodriguez on Paul Walker's Death
Michelle Rodriguez opens up about laugher after Paul Walker's death.

Michelle Rodriguez doesn’t care about money or power.

The Furious & Furious star got super candid about her thoughts on gender pay gap, comparing women’s difficulty in the work force to slaves. “It’s like being born a slave.” she told TMZ cameras. “It’s like, ‘awe, damn, darn my luck.’ You know? I wish I was born somewhere else or maybe some other way, but it is what it is. That’s the world we live in. It’s a patriarchal society.”

But here’s the thing: she’s OK with it. “Yes, I get paid a lot less than my colleagues,” she acknowledged before adding, “I don’t complain. I’m not gonna whine about it.”

So who are these “whiners” she’s referring too? Many actresses — including Jennifer Lawrence, Robin Wright — have spoken out about earning less than their male co-stars.

Watch what else Michelle Rodriguez had to say below!