This Video of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Singing Together Is Everything

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are not afraid to display their love all over social media. First, the singer posted a photo to Instagram of she and her new beau — and basically confirming that their relationship is official. Now, a video of the couple singing together is here for our viewing pleasure.

The couple teamed up for a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to celebrate one of Perry’s best friends’ birthday, Markus Molinari. “When you’re bassst Fran gives you the best birthday ever 🙏🏽 #blessed @katyperry you are my legs ! 💗 forever,” he wrote alongside the video.

A video posted by Markus Molinari (@mdmolinari) on

In the vid, Perry is seen wearing a teeny tiny bikini, while a shirtless Bloom is sporting nothing but red swimming trunks. At one point, he even looks at her adoringly when she tells everyone to stop singing so she can take a video of the celebration too.