2016 Billboard Music Awards: Ariana Grande Nearly Ate It on the Pink Carpet

This is called pulling a Jennifer Lawrence, right?

Last night (May. 22, 2016), all of Hollywood headed to Las Vegas for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, including Ariana Grande who is still riding off of the high of releasing her third studio album Dangerous Woman. The singer hit the pink carpet ready to talk about the album, but as she made her way to an interview with E! she nearly took a tumble.

Grande tripped while walking up the stairs but quickly saved herself by grabbing onto the red carpet host. “If that’s not an entrance I don’t know what is” declared the reporter, to which Grande replied, “I almost broke my ass.” But like any true performer, Grande took the fall all in stride even asking the network to play it back, “You know, you gotta make it work. Live theater, people!”

Launch the video up top to see the hilarious moment.