‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: A Beloved Character Meets Their End

They are always saying no one is safe on Game of Thrones, but this death has us reeling a little bit. Sniff. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Bran is the clear center of this GoT episode, titled “The Door,” and while we knew his time in that blasted cave with the Three-Eyed Raven had to end, but we never thought it would end quite like this. No, Bran isn’t the one who dies, but it is the man who has been a companion to him since he was little: Hodor.

Here’s how it happens. Bran continues to have visions in order to prepare him to take over from the Three-Eyed Raven, and in one telling vision, he sees how the first White Walker was created. It was the Children of the Forest, the first inhabitants of Westeros, who did it. They have a man tied to a tree and they push a blade into him all the way until his eyes turn blue. The Children created him in order to fight against the men, in the Wars of the First Men, but the Children clearly weren’t able to control the White Walker onslaught, and are now enemies with their creation.

Later, Bran decides to have a vision without the Raven, and when he does, he sees the whole White Walker army. He walks through the ranks, seemingly unnoticed, but we’ve learned from past vision walks that Bran can somehow make his presence felt by those he is watching. So, when Bran breaks through to see the Night’s King on horseback, noticing he is the man he witnessed being turned into a White Walker by the Children, the Night’s King looks directly at Bran – and grabs his wrist. Bran immediately wakes up, with a mark on his wrist, and the Raven says Bran needs to leave soon.


This is music to Meera’s ears, who really wants to get out of that cave and eat food that doesn’t taste like moss. As she prepares to go, laughing with Hodor about having eggs (and of course all Hodor says IS “Hodor”), Bran and the Raven have one last vision walk, back now with his dad, Ned Stark, as a young boy at Winterfell. And there is Willis, the younger version of Hodor, who can speak and seems completely normal.

As Bran is enjoying this, Meera senses something’s wrong. She runs outside and there, standing in masses, is the White Walkers, lead by the Night’s King. The Children are there, too, and they do what they can to fight them off. They create a ring of fire, but the Night’s King and his captains cross easily, while the rest swarm in all other directions, to break through the cave in other ways.

Meera tries desperately to wake Bran from his trance, as Hodor rocks back and forth, just screaming “Hodor” over and over. In the vision, Bran finally hears Meera, ever so faintly, urging him to wake up. Still in the past, Bran manages to warg into the adult Hodor, as he’s done many times in the past to give Hodor strength, but this time, Bran also wargs into the younger Willis/Hodor through proximity, who begins to convulse on the ground. Older Hodor grabs Bran and Meera, and they all run, as the White Walkers give chase. These creatures are more terrifying than any zombie horde in The Walking Dead because they can run fast and crawl on walls, almost like vampires.

Here’s where it gets really sad. The group finds a door to the outside and rushes through it, just as the Walkers swarm. Someone has to block the door to keep the Walkers from getting out, so Meera screams at Hodor to “hold the door, hold the door,” so she and Bran can escape. They do, but as hard as he tries, Hodor can’t stop the Walkers from coming through and tearing his flesh.

As this horror unfolds, the younger Willis/Hodor, the one Bran inadvertently affected, starts screaming over and over “hold the door, hold the door,” which morphs into “Hodor, Hodor, Hodor,” as the boy writhes on the ground, witnessing his own death in the future by zombies. You can’t bounce back from that, and Bran now knows he is the one responsible for turning Willis into Hodor. This is going to mess with him BIG TIME. How can it not?!

Not sure how else to go on, but here briefly are few other things that happened:


– Arya has her eyesight back but is she ready to serve the Many-Faced God? She thinks so. Jaqen assigns her her first “hit,” a woman who performs in Braavos’ theater group. Arya isn’t sure why this woman is a target, but Jaqen reminds her “a price was made,” end of story. Do your job or  you’re out.

– In Pyke, Yara stakes her claim to the Salt Throne, but the council rejects her now that Theon is back. He steps forward, however, and supports Yara. Then, their uncle Euron shows up and admits he killed his brother and says he is the rightful heir. He says he going to build the Iron Fleet, go over and marry the Dragon Queen and then they’ll rule the Seven Kingdoms. He wins, but Yara and Theon escape and steal the best ships, to see if they can thwart him.

– Ah, Dany, she of the Unburnt. She has a moment with Jorah, is willing to take him back, but he shows her his greyscale. He admits he loves her, that he always will, but he must go. She is heartbroken. As he starts to walk away, she commands him to cure himself and come back to her. When she takes the Seven Kingdoms, she wants him by her side. That’s motivation for you.

– In Mereen, a fragile peace has taken hold after the agreement with the slave masters. Tyrion now wants them to know it is Dany who did all this, and calls upon another woman from the Lord of Light, Kinvara. She will use her priests to spread the word. And guess what? She has one of those chokers around her neck.


– In Castle Black, Sansa receives word Baelish is nearby and wants to meet with her. This new and improved Sansa is seriously mistrustful and berates Littlefinger for leaving her with Ramsay Bolton. “What do you think he did to me?” She makes Baelish say the horrible things Ramsay did to her and tells him she can still feel the actual pain Ramsay inflicted on her. She never wants to see him again and will not accept his help to take back Winterfell. We don’t think Baelish is going to listen to her. He needs to make serious amends.

– Jon Snow, Sansa, Davos et. al. try to figure out how they are going to take back Winterfell, when many in the North are siding with Ramsay – at the moment. Sansa feels like once they know a Stark is still around, they will be loyal to them. So, off they go to recruit. Oh, and Tormund totally has the hots for Brienne. Can’t wait to see how this is played out.

First, though, we have to go collect ourselves and wonder, with horror, if Hodor is now going to be a White Walker?!