WATCH: Ariana Grande Makes Out with Some Hottie in ‘Into You’ Music Video

It’s all very Rihanna’s “We Found Love.”

Because her new thing is being a Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande SANS PONYTAIL gets down and dirty with some hottie for her new “Into You” music video.

Even if the whole fall in love with the bad boy who rides a motorcycle and dance around in the desert in short shorts has been done before (see Rihanna as well as Taylor Swift’s imitation but weaker product “I Knew You Were Trouble”), the aesthetic still will always make for a nice music video.

Plus, there’s a total plot twist.

Her love interest in the video is incredibly good looking, for what it’s worth. His name is Don Benjamin, and you might have recognized him from America’s Next Top Model.

Watch Ariana’s “Into You” music video above.