Investigation Finds Kris Jenner’s New Business School to Have a Troubled, Shady Past

This isn’t a great look.

An in-depth investigation by The Daily Beast reports that the business school for which Kris Jenner is a spokesperson and chairman of the board might be rooted in a school with a different name that had a suspect past. The Legacy Business School is believed to have been formerly operated as the European School of Economics — an institution founded by an Italian pop star that was targeted by the New York State Education Department on several occasions for illegally advertising and granting bachelor’s and master’s degrees through the UK’s University of Buckingham without permission from the state.

As a result of being hit with more than a dozen lawsuits, the ESE found themselves in a pit of financial trouble. Judgments were passed down and the school was stuck paying nearly $200,000 in assorted bills before they were evicted. Reports also point to the institution’s struggles of paying staff wages.

Now settled into the same offices in Trump Towers as the ESE with the same CEO and phone number, Jenner’s Legacy Business School has applied for permission to grant degrees. Meanwhile, their status allows the school to grant non-degree certificates until Jan. 12, 2017.

Jenner’s school now offers programs of varying lengths with tuition costing anywhere from $33,890 to $105,360 with the opening date set in September. A campus in Dubai will follow, with the promise an “exclusive dinner” with Jenner to the first 100 students who enroll.

The Kardashian matriarch spoke at a press conference last month in the UAE, where she explained, “‘As someone who always expects the best, I was drawn to [the founder’s] concept of a white-glove business school, offering the finest amenities, with luxuries that you’d expect from a school created for the global elite.”

It’s still unclear as to whether Jenner knew of the school’s past prior to joining the board and whether she will remain in her position.

Watch the promotional video below, and read the full report over on The Daily Beast.