Shia LaBeouf Is Hitchhiking Across the Country with Twitter 

The movie star needs a ride!

Shia LaBeouf, along with collaborators Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner, has a new ambitious performance art project in the works. For the next thirty days, the trio will be posting their exact coordinates on Twitter and hoping someone finds them and gives them a ride. And here’s the thing, if you are the fastest one to respond and actually pick them up, you get to decide where they’re headed next, hence the project’s name #TAKEMEANYWHERE.

“It’s about trust, and also a journey. I’m more interested in the in-between state than arriving at a destination,” Rönkkö told Vice of the undertaking.

“With these projects, we try to retain a naïveté—or that’s the goal. The goal is to sorta stay naïve, stay impressionable, stay malleable,” LaBeouf explained.

The trio are embracing the impromptu nature of this adventurous project while also attempting to reconcile having their location tracked as they travel, which could invite all kinds of problems.

“…There’s always that sense of wanting to escape into the landscape, whereas here we’re being tracked the whole time,” said Turner. “We’re both escaping into it, while becoming more visible than we’ve ever been. That creates a strange dynamic.”

You can follow their journey right here.