WATCH: Anne Hathaway Slays James Corden in a Rap Battle

“I say my rhymes are like your ratings man, they’re incredibly bleak.”

Last night (May. 24, 2016), Anne Hathaway took the opportunity to once again prove she could have a side career as a rapper (ok, not like a real rapper, but maybe she could play Vanilla Ice in a movie?). The actress stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden to promote her new movie Alice Through the Looking Glass, and participated in a not so friendly game of “Drop The Mic.”

Hathaway and host James Corden squared up against each other in an epic rap battle and they didn’t hold anything back. “Am I the Drake of this battle and Anne is Meek Mill? Now it’s her turn to try and act a little scary, because the only Cart Woman I acknowledge it Halle Berry,” the host spit for his first rhyme. But Hathaway took it all in stride, and comes for the host even harder, “A cat woman diss, gosh, what do I do, I can’t make fun of you James cause no ones heard of you!” And it just gets better from there.

Launch the video up top to see the entire rap battle.